Monday, September 7, 2009


I have had an interest in photography for a number of years now, but consider myself to be relatively new to the hobby - especially to digital photography.

A number of years ago I purchased a 35mm SLR camera and took a beginners course on how to use it.  I learned things such as shutter speed, focal point, depth of field, aperture and so much more; these terms and, more importantly, what they are and how they work, had been foreign to me.  I took several photographs of anything and everything (or almost) and fell in love with photography.  And, like we all learn at one point or another, not every photograph turned out the way I had invisioned it while snapping the picture.

Fast forward to last fall.  My 35mm camera hadn't been working.  I had taken several shots of my newborn nephew - at the time - and taken them in to be developped at one of those 1 hour developing places, only to be told when I returned that there was nothing on the film and told my camera more than likely needed fixing.  I called about getting it fixed and was told it would be cheaper just to buy a new camera.  After a number of years mulling over the decision and buying a digital point and shoot to get my by, I finally took the leap and bought a DSLR camera!

I'm still learning photography; still learning about the world of digital cameras.  I decided to create this blog as a way to showcase my learning.  I hope to post links to great articles, photography magazines, hints, tips, and mostly show off my photos.  This is going to be a learning process, and I know not every photo is going to be A1, but I hope that by keeping this blog, I can see the improvements I make in this photographic journey of mine!

Stick around - I'll be posting some pictures in the very near future!