Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old Tree

The Tree
 I went for a walk with a friend in another of the nature parks in this area. This one is called Irishtown Nature Park. It is a beautiful, large area and has a lake and several trails. I'm not totally sure on the length of the trail we followed today, but I'd estimate about 5 kilometers. The last sign I remember seeing was 3.5km, and from there we still had to walk quite a way to get to the parking lot. It's definitely a beautiful place to go walking, jogging, even biking. I hope to get back there more often, and maybe get some photos there this winter too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Down A Side Path

A lonely bench in Mapleton Park
This rickety ol' park bench looks as though it has seen better days. It was down a little side path from the main one where I was walking.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Strolling Through The Park

Two ladies walking a dog in Mapleton Park
 This past Wednesday, I took a little walk in one of our city's parks. The main goal was to capture the fall landscape along one of the park's trails. While there were plenty of leaves on the ground, and several trees in colourful dress, I was quite surprised that there was still a lot of green - and I'm not just talking about the evergreen trees.

We had some rain and a lot of wind the last couple of days (today is windy, but sunny), so I expect a lot more of the leaves have fallen off. I'm hoping to go tomorrow or Monday to take some more photos. Hopefully I'm not too late at getting some beautiful scenic photos.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's A Toss Up

Having Fun
 Last month when I travelled to Fredericton to the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, this guy was down by the Saint John River. He wasn't there the entire time, and came awhile after we had gotten to this spot (at the lighthouse). I'm not entirely sure what he's doing - almost like a form of juggling but using  a string with handles on each end, and three of those cylindar type thingys (love my technical term?), throwing them up in the air and 'catching' them again. The cylindar thingys were spinning around as they flew up and back down along the string before being tossed up again. This guy was really good at what he was doing, and it was fun to watch.