Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Downtown Melbourne

This shot is taken while I was in Melbourne during the summer (well, summer for me, winter for Melbourne).  I went with a friend to teh Melbourne Aquarium and other excursions this particular day, and passing by one of the windows on the way to the shark exhibit, I decided to take a photo of what I saw.

The tall building on the left (of the 2 tall ones) is the Eureka Tower (my group went there another day though, not the day I visited the aquarium).  I believe there are 90 floors, and on the 88th they have an observation room - well, technically the entire 88th floor is the observation room and you can look out over the entire city, and then some.  There is also a steel mesh cage that goes out about 10 metres from the building, but it's quite windy up there so I didn't venture out in it - my fear of heights kicked in.  I was quite content with staying inside.  It was bad enough that it took me awhile to get close to the windows (which are floor to ceiling) to look out and take pictures.

I made no adjustments on this shot.  I figure the colours look quite nice because of the aquarium's tinted windows.  If I were to make adjustments, I would probably lighten the lower lefthand corner somewhat.  I used my Pentax K200D and the normal 18-55mm lens that came with it, and zoomed in on my subject.