Friday, September 11, 2009

And The Waves Came Crashing In

While I was in Australia, during the months of July and August, I had the opportunity to travel along the Great Ocean Road.  It is located along the southeastern coast of the country in Victoria, and is 243 km long.  I think we travelled the entire stretch, and if not, it was pretty close to it!  It took us from about 8:30 in the morning until around 10:30/11:00 that same night.  Mind you, we left from near Melbourne and stopped at pretty much all the stops along the way, including some lookouts that were located before the Great Ocean Road even started.  If you have the chance to visit Australia, I highly recommend the gorgeous scenery of this stretch of the coast.

In all honesty, I don't remember exactly where my photo was taken on my adventures that day, but it was an area where I couldn't get down any closer to take pictures.  For this one, I would have been up on the cliff/road side/rest stop area and looking down and across.

It seemed at the beginning of our journey that the water was quite calm, and the waves weren't too big.  We spotted some surfers in places (keep in mind I visited in their winter, and it was quite windy and chilly on our excursion), and not many of them were doing much surfing at the time.  Mostly they seemed to be waiting on their surf boards for just the right waves.

As we drove along, the waves would get a little bigger, the wind a little stronger, and the coastline would get battered and bashed by the waves.  Towards the end of the trip, there weren't any surfers in the water, and in fact, there were signs posted for people to not go swimming or surfing because it wasn't too safe.  We did see some whales at a couple of places, but they didn't jump out of the water.  We did see some fins and their backs though.  I was thankful to have my telephoto lens, even though I was still too far away to get any real good shots.  What I did get was enough to show that we were seeing whales though.  Those picutres aren't good enough to post, sadly.

In the coming days I hope to post photos of things other than animals (like the previous posts).  I have several shots of flowers (I love flowers and taking pictures of them), so those will more than likely be making appearances as well.  I think I need to branch out on photography subjects - there are more than just animals and flowers to take pictures of!