Monday, September 28, 2009

Hear The Tiger Roar

This is an image of a tiger lily I photographed back in June of this year, from my mom's garden.  I adjusted the colours and contrast somewhat, but did no cropping or anything else.

Lillies are one of my favourite flowers; the others are roses, calla lillies, carnations and dahlias - though to be honest, I do like all flowers.

I love the bright orange colours of these flowers.  I don't know if orange is hard to capture the way red is or not, but I like they way it shows on this picture.  I took this after a rain, and you can see some raindrops on some of the petals.

Sadly, as fall advances here, the flowers are starting to die down.  There have been a few more days of overnight frost, which is definitely not good for them.  These tiger lillies come back every year though, and I look forward to seeing them year after year.  A lot of the flowers my mom has in her gardens come up every year, but there are some she has to plant every spring.  I don't know if I'll ever get the gardening green thumb like her, but I suppose some day if I want to take photos of flowers, it might be handy to have some of my own - though I'd need a house with a yard first off...

What is your favourite flower(s) or favourite flower(s) to photograph?


Fish Whisperer said...

Very nice with good depth of field.

Nature As Is said...

Excellent shot...beautiful.

Shelley said...

Thank you both!