Monday, September 7, 2009

For The Birds

I spent July and August in Australia, mostly concentrated around Melbourne (though I did get to Sydney for a weekend, and a week in the Gold Coast).  I was there with a group of others, and we were doing half of our teaching internship at various schools in that area. 

One day our professor (who went with us) took us up to the Dandenong mountains for the day.  The area is a rainforest, and it was very lovely there.  One of the stops along the way took us to Grants Picnic Ground where there are TONS of birds.  There were mainly three kinds - cockatoos, rosellas, and galahs.  I don't have any good shots of the rosellas that don't include people.  I don't want to post any of those pictures since I don't have permisson from the people who are in the pictures.

Sadly, I don't have these pictures on my camera any more, and I don't have the specs written down (something I'll have to remember to do in the future).  I can say that the camera I use is a Pentax K200 and the lens was the standard 18-55mm one that comes with the camera.

The photos of the cockatoos have been cropped, but nothing else was done to them.  Also, the picture of the galah feeding from my hand was left untouched.  Clicking on the photos will (or should) enlarge them.

I know these pictures aren't perfect, but I am learning.  I'd love to hear your comments or critiques.  Be helpful, but don't criticize.