Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Desert Scene

Keeping on the desert theme from my trip to Egypt in February, 2008, This is a limestone rock formation that is found in the White Desert.  There are tons of these in that area, and they are really amazing to see.  We actually slept overnight, camped out, in the White Desert (not at this particular location), which was an amazing experience in and of itself.

We had a couple of guides with us, and they cooked us a meal over the campfire (delicious).  Our sleeping quarters consisted of a thin mattress on top of blankets on the sand, five or six camel hair blankets (nice and warm), plus two or three layers of clothing.  We had a large piece of fabric of some sort to help shield wind, and this was put up against the jeep we had travelled in to get to the desert.

It was so amazing to see millions of stars in the night sky (and a few shooting stars too); where I live, a city, you see a lot but nowhere near what you see in the middle of the desert in total darkness.  It's so amazing to gaze upon the galaxy and know that we are just a tiny part of it.  God is so amazing in His creation!

For this picture, I left it intact (no cropping), and auto adjusted the colours and contrast.  Again, it was taken with my point and shoot, and not my Pentax K200D (since I didn't own that camera at the time).

What is one place you would like to visit in the world - whether or not you would like to go there on a photography excursion?