Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In The Barn

This is another photo from my trip to Kings Landing Historical Site near Fredericton, NB. This photo was taken when we were near the house and barn near the field where the man and boys were throwing the rocks from the potato field (see previous post).

I believe the baskets contain lunches because I saw the boys carrying them later on to another destination, though I could be wrong. It just made sense to me that they would contain food.  There were a couple of cats in the barn (where this shot was taken) and this one got curious about what might be in the basket...maybe something that smelled good.  I assume the container which is what the shot is focused on would have been used for milk...but again, I could be wrong. There was no one nearby who could have told me one way or the other.


~Cheryl said...

Must be tuna fish sandwiches!

Shelley said...

Haha! I thought that too!