Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Walk Back In Time

Earlier this month I went to King's Landing near Fredericton, NB. We were there for a few hours and never made it through the entire place - mostly because it was so hot and humid that day. Another trip in the fall is a possibility to visit the rest of the historical site.
Two women in authentic garb from the time.

I was wondering what these guys were doing in the field/garden. I watched for a short while to see they were throwing what I thought might be potatos...though I don't know why they'd do that.

As I got closer and could observe, I discovered they were throwing rocks!

One of the people working at the site. They all dress up in clothes from the era and they actually do jobs and housework, etc. as it would have been done at that time.


~Cheryl said...

That's an interesting piece of farm equipment - love the wheels! The women look hot in those dresses. I'm with you.... fall would be a great time to visit!

Shelley said...

Yes, they probably were was an extremely HOT day when we went. I had a skirt and tank top on and was sweating like a pig, so I can just imagine how they felt!