Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Lighthouses, as we all know, warn ships of the dangerous, rocky areas from which to stay away.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Halifax, and the village of Peggy's Cove (both in Nova Scotia). I hadn't been to Halifax in probably 20 years, and I had never been to Peggy's Cove. People around here find it hard to believe that, after living in this area for 30+ years, I had never been to this awesome place. I took over 500 photos of both places, and will put more up here as the days go on.

The photo above is the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove (the link is to a live webcam of the lighthouse; check it out). I've played around with the colouring, to make it black & white, and try to give it a bit of a sepia colour as well - to make it a little old fashioned looking. I don't think I've quite got it down, but I kind of liked the result.

I was hoping to get some photos of the waves crashing against the rocks, however, the ocean was quite calm and there were no waves. In fact, we were able to climb over all the rocks around this area and get quite close to the ocean. If the waves were crashing, it would have been impossible for us to get to far out because we could be pulled out to sea, and have the strong possibility of drowning because of the undertow. I guess I am very thankful for the calm waters that day, since it allowed me to explore and take many photos I might not have been able to get if the waves were pounding the rocks. I'm going to go again, maybe towards fall, or in the fall, and hopefully the waves will be rolling in and I can get some great photos!