Saturday, October 10, 2009


It was raining again today, so when I waited for a time when it was more like a mist and headed out with a plastic bag around/over my camera with just the lens poking out of a hole I cut in the bag.  I wanted to try to capture raindrops on leaves, flowers, etc.  At some point I would like to try prettier rain shots, but this is what I have for now.  This is a leaf from a flower/plant in one of the front step window boxes.  I used the lens that came with the camera (18-55 mm) and used the macro setting on the camera.  Some day I would like to have a real macro lens so I can take really good macro photos!


Jamie Boyle said...

Yes another rainy day indeed! Seems like it's been raining all week. Now at the end of the week they are calling for maybe snow.

Rain or snow, which one is better? Not sure, tough one they're both horrible, lol.

Nice photography! Love the picture, would like to see more snapshots of your work. Great job, you captured it well.

time to go out and get wet, lol.


Moncton Blogger

Kcalpesh said...

Just one word explains this lovely picture! "BEAUTIFUL". Great shot.

Pixellicious Photos

Fish Whisperer said...

Very nice image. The water droplets and depth of field work well together.