Friday, October 23, 2009

In Melbourne

This is a photo from my trip to Australia this past July & August.  It's a street in Melbourne (don't know which one though, but I think it was pretty central).  I wish I was able to capture more photos when I was there, but it's a real hindrance when no one else in your group is into photography other than clicking the odd picture here and there.

This building (near the Eureka Tower I think) had this giant bee/wasp sculpture on it.  There is also a wall below to the right of this that has several of them on it - really cool.


Patricia Torres said...

Nice pics... I've been to Mel only ones.. and dont remember seeing this bee building..

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey there. been meaning to pop over to your blog for weeks and I'm finally here!

That's La Trobe Street in the top pic. The old buildings you can see on the left are the Francis Ormond building (now part of RMIT, a university) and the old Magistrates Court.

I love those bees too. Melbourne has some really quirky, whimsical public art and sculptures.