Monday, September 6, 2010

Checking for danger during the storm

This past Saturday we got the tail winds and rain from Hurricane Earl which hit the Nova Scotia coast. In our area the winds weren't nearly as bad as they had been predicting, and we didn't get as much rain as they had thought. The night before, it has been predicted that the storm would hit our area dead on (which doesn't happen too often), but by Saturday morning, Earl had changed its course and hit Nova Scotia. In that province, about 200,000 people lost power (as opposed to the 1,000 people who lost power in our area), and it was thought that it would take about 2 days to get everyone back on the power grid.

This photo is of one of the female humming birds that has been visiting our feeder this summer. I was surprised to see her out in all that wind and rain. The picture isn't all that great as I was taking it through the kitchen window, and the white tint in the photo is the reflection of the curtain on the glass. Anyway, I just wanted to share the photo of the bird out in the storm.