Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grain Sack

Grain sack in the shadows
 This is a photo from a trip not too long ago to the Peace River area of Alberta. We stopped at a little information place which was in an old train station. It was a small building, but it was also made into a little museum, which was quite nice. There were displays of items used way back when (I'm not sure of the dates, possibly late 1800s), and even a section with a sign telling that it was the ladies waiting room. The sign went on to say that it was an area where single women who were travelling could go and wait for their train and be able to feel safe.

In another room, they had other items on display - an operator's "station", various old items, an old bicycle, sled, snow shoes...and lots more. In a section that was roped off, there was a nice little display and there were grain sacks stacked up.

I liked the way the sun was shining in through the window, dust particles floating in the air, and how only part of this particular grain sack had the shadow of the window frame and the sunlight falling on it.  It might not be a great photo, or anything particularly fascinating, but I liked it. And that's why I took the photo.