Friday, November 13, 2009

Gerbera Daisy

I bought a pot of Gerbera Daisies today (three blooms on it).  These have never been a flower I had been attracted to for some reason; I don't know if it was because I just hadn't seen them often before or what.  Lately, well at least since this past spring or early summer, I've found myself liking these flowers - so much so, that I've added them to my list of favourite flowers.

The actual flower on this isn't as bright pink as the photo shows.  It's more of a subdued, faded looking pink.  However, I should say that it's not faded from being in the sun, but it's just the shade of pink.  I don't remember if I used the flash on this photo or not (I suspect I may have), but I did play around with it in Photoshop Elements.  No matter what I did with my adjustments, I couldn't get it to look like the colour it is in reality.  That being said, I do like the way this photo turned out.

I would like to also take this time to thank Crista over at Nature As Is.  She has awarded me with this Friend Award!  Thank you so much Crista! 

If you haven't been to her blog, please go visit her.  She has such a lovely and friendly blog and has lots of great photos of birds and nature.  I haven't known her long, but she is very friendly, positive and kind.

Now I must pass this award on to six other bloggers.  Be sure to check out their blogs as well:

1. Pixellicious Photos - another very friendly blogger and awesome photographer

2. Georgiana - sadly, I don't get to her blog as often as I would like.  She is a writer/author and is a great inspiration to me (even though she doesn't know it).  Right now, she's working on NaNo, and I wish her all the best as she strives to finish 50,000 words by the end of November!

3. Jodi -she's very caring, kind, and an awesome person.  She's been busy with school lately (amongst other things), but I'm sure she'll be back to blogging soon (and hopefully her computer issues have been resolved!).  She makes great cards and has her own Etsy shop, Flutterbye Dreams (be sure to check out her awesome items for sale - clippies, toothfairy pillows, felt finger puppets, and more)

4. NannaPEI -  such a friendly lady - and very crafty too!  She's working on some slippers right now, but sadly she's not liking the yarn (which I don't blame her at all, because I've tried using that yarn too and it's not all that great to knit with).

5.  Chris - another kind and friendly woman.  You should see the cards she makes - so awesome!  She really inspires me with my card making - though I'm not all that great at it yet (need more practice, I think).  Be sure to stop by her blog and see her great work!