Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Foggy Mist

This morning dawned dark and dreary.  It rained overnight and there were some heavy winds, though it wasn't as bad here as they had been predicting.  By 8:00-8:30, the sun was peeking through somewhat, attempting to push the clouds away.  I looked out the window and saw some fog/mist starting to rise, and by the time I went and got my camera, it was even moreso. 

These are only snapshots (touched up slightly in PSE7 for colour/contrast) out my front door, but I wanted to try to capture the moment.  The next shot is at the park next to the house.  There wasn't as much fog/mist there, but there was a little.


Kcalpesh said...

These are beautiful scenes. Kind of mysterious, something I often see in the dreams.

Patrina said...

This is like a window to Heaven that God gives me. I photgraph them too.
hope you're safe and warm

Shelley said...

Thank you both!

Kcalpesh: you're right, it does look mysterious and dreamy; especially the first one.

Patrina, thanks for your comment :o)

Stephen Baird said...

great photos here.
by the way ... i haven't forgotten! i have the hard drive, i got you a 250 gig instead, it's in a box, ready for shipping, i would have got it posted today but i am scrambling for a very sudden return trip to los angeles tomorrow morning. anyway, it will be coming soon. my wife may get it posted in the next few days!
nikonsniper steve